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Aromatherapeutic Solutions

Enhancing Health Through Nature

  For aromatherapy and essential oil users, nurses, naturopaths, physicians, and all those interested in naturally enhancing health.

Specialty and Custom Blends

At Aromatherapeutic Solutions, we make special blends to help minimize unwanted symptoms and enhance health. Please e-mail us with any questions or concerns. We also make custom blends specific to your needs and aromatic preferences - appointment (virtual or in-person) required. Businesses and corporations - order custom blended products for client gifts and business use!

Please note: 

 Some essential oils cannot be used if you are on certain medications, pregnant, breast feeding or with infants, children, and pets. Therefore, please read notes for each product carefully. If you have multiple health problems or medication allergies -- please contact us prior to making a purchase..

Aromatherapeutic Solutions is not liable for misuse of products.

Please also note: The FDA does not allow aromatherapy products to have claims regarding efficacy for any medical diagnosis.

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"The grapefruit soap is very mild and non-drying on my skin and I love it!"


Lincolnton, GA

"I used my nasal inhaler three times today and clear sinuses all day! :)"


Indianapolis, IN

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